The Upsides And Downsides Of Cremation

As much as you may hate to think about it, there will come a day when you pass on from this world. This won't be easy for the family members you leave behind, but you can somewhat reduce the burden on them by making some important decisions about your funeral plans while you're still around. The most important of these decisions is, in many cases, what happens to your body. While burials have long been traditional in the U. Read More 

Your Funeral Should Be Planned By You: Here’s Why

Like many, conceding that death is inevitable doesn't mean you ever want to plan or think about any funeral services, especially not yours. However, for reasons described below, it could be indeed time to consider starting the hard work of planning your own program and taking over preparation for this final event: Your Relatives Will Spend Too Much You already know how dearly you're valued by loved ones. Your death is likely to grieve them for some time, and if they need to choose a cremains urn or full body casket, they will seriously consider the costliest models because of their affection and love for you. Read More 

Three Things To Know About Pre-Arranging Your Funeral

Pre-arranging your funeral can help to relieve the burden your loved ones experience after you are gone, and it can also give you a way to ensure you get the funeral you want. Before you start looking for a pre-arranged funeral plan, here are a few things you should know: Choose Your Payment Option There are several ways to pay for your funeral. If you have money in your bank account and want to do a spend down to qualify for Medicaid coverage, you can simply pay for the funeral with the cash you have. Read More 

What If A Loved One Is Struggling To Overcome Grief?

After a friend or relative suffers the loss of a loved one, it is natural for you to want help him or her deal with the grief. Some people have more difficulties with managing their grief. When this happens, their ability to function daily can be impacted. If you have a loved one who is struggling to handle his or her grief, here are some tips for helping him or her. Read More 

Tips for Buying a Headstone

When a loved one dies and had made it known in life that he or she wanted to be buried, their final resting place is usually marked by a headstone. Unfortunately, most people do not have much experience purchasing a headstone, so buying one for a loved one's grave can be confusing. If you need to buy a headstone, use the following tips: Look at All of Your Options Most funeral homes sell headstones, but they are not the only place where you can buy one. Read More