Reasons To Build A Website Honoring The Life Of Your Loved One Before The Funeral

As you plan the funeral for a loved one who has recently passed away, no detail is too small to overlook. When it comes to telling the story of your loved one's life, as well as educating people about the funeral service and burial, one idea to pursue is to build a website dedicated to these jobs. While it's true that your funeral home will post the obituary and perhaps even a photo gallery, some people still favor the approach of designing and putting up their own website as a tribute — even if it's in a simple blog format. Here are some reasons to build this website.

Ability To Share Many Photos

Lots of families enjoy putting together photos for a video slideshow at the funeral, but it can also be nice to have an online source for these photos. This way, people can browse them at their convenience, which may be preferable to simply seeing the photos scrolling past on a screen during the service. When you put together a custom funeral website for your family member, you can upload as many photos as you'd like to the site, which can help to tell the story of the person's life.

Option For Video Clips

While photos are valuable to share, they arguably pale in comparison to video clips — as these can really bring the person's memory to life. Launching your own website makes it easy to include as many videos as you'd like. There are many different ways to go about this idea, but a simple one is to upload the videos to a service such as YouTube, and then embed the video links directly into your site so that they appear on the desired pages. There's a strong probability that those who attend the funeral will view and appreciate the photos before and after the service.

Cathartic For You

You may find that as you dedicate yourself to building a website to honor the life of your deceased loved one, this becomes a cathartic process. People grieve and deal with loss in many different ways, and while some people choose to sit quietly with their thoughts, others like to keep busy. If you're among the latter category, devoting a few hours each day between the date of the death and that of the funeral can help you to heal from the loss that you've just experienced in your life.