How To Create A Funeral That Celebrates Life

Rather than mourning the passing of their loved ones, many people are taking a different approach, choosing instead to celebrate the lives that they lived. Doing this has completely changed the kind of send-off people are getting and many people are deciding that this is a more fitting way to go.

There are many options that you can choose from when you wish to have a funeral that celebrates life. Liaising with the right funeral planning team can help you to have a funeral that is in keeping with the kind of send-off you or your loved one may have wanted.

Choose the Right Music

Traditionally, the choice of music for funerals is always a somber affair. However, when you're having a funeral that's meant to celebrate life, you'll need something a little more upbeat. Songs that talk about seeing the positives in life or a joyful transition into the afterlife have become very popular among those who want to celebrate life.

Unorthodox Transport Choices

Another defining characteristic of somber funerals are the black formal cars that are used to carry the bodies of the deceased and those who are attending the funeral. However, in a celebration of life, such a dreary procession will not do.

Campervans, pickup trucks, dump trucks, and many other unorthodox choices have been used to lead funeral processions of this kind. You may not have to go for these choices but there is still plenty to choose from.

Fireworks Display

Is there a better way to leave this earth than with a bang? Probably not, and with a fireworks-filled funeral, you can get that exact kind of send-off. There are several companies that make these special fireworks that incorporate part of the deceased's cremated remains.

The family can choose whether they want the fireworks display professionally launched or whether they'd rather pick up the fireworks and launch it by themselves. Either way, the departed will be assured of a loud and colorful send-off.

Choosing Great Memorial Materials

The best grave markers, headstones, and plaques truly embody the essence of the deceased. Enlist help to find the best designs and quotes for your custom headstones.

The use of fantasy coffins takes the idea of coffins to a whole new level. If the departed was a fan of a particular beer, you can commission a coffin to be made in the shape of that particular beer. If they were a pilot, you can have a coffin shaped like a plane. The options are endless and the result is always something that truly represents the deceased.