Green Burials As An Alternative To Cremation

Sticking to your values, even in death, is a testament to a life lived well. If environmental problems are at the top of your concerns, you can live and die by these values by simply considering some green alternatives to the usual burial or cremation practices. There are several options that will benefit the environment while still allowing your loved ones closure after you pass. The Green Burial Park Heavily lacquered coffins and chemical embalming practices aren't usually on the list of environmentally friendly practices. Read More 

What You Need To Know About Cemeteries When Looking For A Final Resting Place

If you're looking for a cemetery for a recently deceased loved one, you have a number of choices. Funeral homes, churches, non-profit organizations and municipalities all own and operate cemeteries. Each cemetery is unique, so you will want to investigate several before making a final decision. Here is some helpful information to help you understand how cemeteries work and what they can offer you. Ownership Differences There will be local regulations governing all cemeteries. Read More