What You Need To Know About Cemeteries When Looking For A Final Resting Place

If you're looking for a cemetery for a recently deceased loved one, you have a number of choices. Funeral homes, churches, non-profit organizations and municipalities all own and operate cemeteries. Each cemetery is unique, so you will want to investigate several before making a final decision. Here is some helpful information to help you understand how cemeteries work and what they can offer you.

Ownership Differences

There will be local regulations governing all cemeteries. Each facility will also have their own set of requirements. Get a copy of these from each cemetery in which you are interested to determine if you can abide by their rules. Examples of the points you'll find in these policies include:

  • guidelines as to what size and type of memorial markers are allowed
  • rules relating to when a marker can be place on the grave and how it must be installed
  • the types of maintenance done by the facility to the grounds and markers
  • maintenance items for which the family is responsible
  • how management handles any vandalism of the grave sites and markers

Compare the policies of the cemeteries you are considering to make sure you find the right fit.

Comparing Prices Within Cemeteries

Prices will vary depending on the type of funeral arrangements you must coordinate. For example, the burial of a casket in a cemetery plot will require more services from the cemetery than interring a cremation urn in a columbarium. Compare the prices for the precise services you'll need at each cemetery.

If funeral services will be held at the gravesite, the cemetery will need to arrange for chairs, awnings, tables and any other items needed. This will cost more than a simple burial service held in the cemetery after a funeral service in a church.

Each facility handles their pricing differently. Some charge a fee for each service while others quote a single price for a package of services. Make sure you know exactly what you're paying for so you won't have any additional fees to deal with later. Some of the types of services you'll be paying for include:

  • digging the grave for the vault and casket, or cremation urn
  • filling the grave site and replacing the sod over the site
  • equipment used at the grave site to lower the casket into the grave
  • preparing the grave site for installing the monument

Compare the prices and services of each cemetery in order to be comfortable with your selection. This is a place to which you'll travel to remember your loved one, so an attractive facility with pleasant staff will make your visits more enjoyable. If you're looking for a funeral service's help, visit Serenity Funeral Service in Edmonton.