5 Things To Do When Choosing A Custom Headstone

A custom headstone is an excellent alternative for marking a friend's or loved one's burial site. To ensure the custom gravestone meets your needs and expectations, here are a few things to do when picking out the headstone. 

1. Determine a Budget

The price of a headstone can vary dramatically depending on the design, size, and materials used. You need to calculate how much money you have to spend on the gravestone so that you don't spend too much or go over your budget for the funeral arrangements. Calculating a budget will also assist you in narrowing down the design and style options for the headstone. 

2. Inquire About the Cemetary's Rules and Regulations for Gravestones

It's not uncommon for cemeteries to have rules that govern what headstones are and aren't acceptable. There may be size or shape limitations for headstones, or the graveyard may require that gravestones be constructed from a specific material.

You want to make sure you understand any limitations to your custom headstone before you start designing it. 

3. Envision What You Want the Headstone to Look Like

Spend a few moments creating a mental image or even a sketch of what you want the headstone to look like. What shape and size will work best? Will the headstone include a photographic image or engraving? Are there any quotes that you want to use on the headstone?

It's important to confirm that there's room on the headstone for any decorations or writing and that the cost to add these items is in line with your budget. 

4. Get Quotes from a Couple of Different Custom Headstone Suppliers

Don't purchase the headstone from the first company that you encounter. Instead, get quotes from two or three companies and research each company's reputation. You should also ask potential suppliers how long it will take them to provide the headstone. 

It's not unusual for it to take up to a year to make and place a headstone, but you need to know what to expect and see that it aligns with your expectations. 

5. Thoroughly Review the Proof for the Headstone

Your headstone supplier should provide you with a proof for the headstone that includes the design and any info that will be included. Look over the proof for spelling mistakes, incorrect information, and erroneous details. 

Confirm that the design and word placement is what you were expecting. It's smart to have a couple of people examine the proof to ensure you catch any typos. 

Contact a professional for more information about custom headstones