3 Reasons To Choose Cremation As A Method Of Final Disposition

Having to choose a method of final disposition is one of the most important decisions to be made in later life, and as such, necessitates serious consideration. The two most common methods of final disposition are traditional burials and cremation, and while the former may have been the dominant one in years past, cremation has become increasingly popular for several reasons. If you are curious about the reasons many people prefer cremation as their method of final disposition, keep reading below to discover just three of the biggest ones.

Affordable Cost

An unfortunate reality of final disposition is that it can be far more expensive than many people realize. In fact, the average funeral that includes burial costs thousands of dollars, which not all families are prepared to pay as a lump sum. Cremation services are much more affordable, as there is no need for things such as embalming services, a casket, a burial vault, or a headstone. Of course, urns can be expensive, but basic ones are affordable for every budget.

More Practicality

In a purely practical sense, funerals that feature traditional burials are easy to attend if family and friends live within a short distance. Yet in many cases, the loved ones of the deceased are spread out across different cities, states, and even countries. Because a burial is likely to be performed within a matter of just one to two weeks, there may not be time for everyone to get their travel plans in order. Cremation, on the other hand, is much more practical. It gives everyone involved the time necessary to make arrangements before the scattering of the ashes.

Increased Personalization

Some cemeteries allow aspects of burial to be personalized so that loved ones can honor the deceased in a unique way. Not all services permit this, however. What makes cremation more special then, is the ability to make the service truly unique. For example, if the deceased was fond of visiting a particular beach near their hometown, it may be appropriate to scatter their ashes out at sea. Similarly, an urn may be buried under a newly planted tree in the backyard of a family home. With traditional burial methods, this degree of personalization is simply impossible. If you would like the same kind of personalization reflected in your own final disposition, then it is worth considering the merits of cremation.

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