Tips For Releasing A Loved One’s Cremated Remains In A Helium Balloon

One of the good things about a family member choosing to be cremated upon his or her death is that there's a seemingly endless list of ways that you can deal with the cremated remains. While many families favor a simple scattering ceremony at a place of significance, you may wish to evaluate the options that are a little more unorthodox. At some scattering ceremonies, the family will release helium balloons into the air — you can take this idea a step further and hire a company to put some of your loved one's remains in a large helium balloon that you can release — resulting in one of the more unique cremation scattering ceremonies around. Here are some tips for pursuing this idea.

Pick The Right Spot

When you're scattering cremated remains in the traditional manner, you obviously want to find the right spot for doing so. With the remains inside a helium balloon, you may feel as though the area doesn't matter — but it does. You generally want to pick an area that is well away from structures. For example, the last thing you want is to let the balloon go in a city park, only for a gust of wind to blow the balloon over to some power lines when it gets stuck. A wide open area, ideally with some privacy for you and your family, is best.

Personalize The Balloon

While there's absolutely nothing wrong with simply releasing the helium balloon that contains your loved one's cremated remains into the air, it can be nice to add a personal touch to the balloon before its journey. Using a blunt-tip marker, have everyone in the immediate family (and extended family, when possible) take a moment to write a message on the exterior of the balloon. By the time everyone has done so, the balloon will be highly personalized and it won't feel as though you're sending your loved one off alone.

Hire A Photographer

Some people like the idea of photographers at funerals, while others do not. At a ceremony during which you'll be releasing a helium balloon that contains your loved one's remains, you may wish to have the event documented. Instead of trying to snap photos instead of being present in the moment, hire a professional photographer. He or she can take respectful photos throughout, and you may soon appreciate having shots of the balloon as it soars into the sky.