Your Funeral Should Be Planned By You: Here’s Why

Like many, conceding that death is inevitable doesn't mean you ever want to plan or think about any funeral services, especially not yours. However, for reasons described below, it could be indeed time to consider starting the hard work of planning your own program and taking over preparation for this final event:

Your Relatives Will Spend Too Much

You already know how dearly you're valued by loved ones. Your death is likely to grieve them for some time, and if they need to choose a cremains urn or full body casket, they will seriously consider the costliest models because of their affection and love for you. Overspending is likely. Your decisions now can relieve the burden of some of those decisions and save money too.

Your Relatives Might Include Elements You Don't Want

You and the relatives who will be in charge of things may not want to talk with each other about this topic. Therefore, they might not have a clue about what you do and don't want in your funeral service. They might imagine that you'd prefer slow religious songs to be used during the service, whereas you might actually prefer upbeat, happier tunes. Planning things now not only raises the chances that you'll have the send-off you envision for yourself, but it can also serve as a conversation starter between you and those you love. Because you're able to take your time deciding on floral arrangements, music, and other things, they'll present a true reflection of your values and personality.

No One Knows Everyone You Know

Without planning things yourself, it's inevitable that someone will be left out. Your children or spouse might not know much about the librarian who talks over books with you each week or the massage therapist who listened to your emotional stories. You may wish to ask them to attend your funeral, but without a plan, your family might not even think about those folks. There are many people unknown to your loved ones that you'd want to receive news of your passing; that's another reason it's wise to put yourself in charge of the arrangements. That way, you'll know that all those you value will have an opportunity to attend the services.

In truth, you're the one person who knows which type of funeral services are appropriate and best for you. Planning and taking action allows you to be yourself until the end. Contact a company like Shepherd Funeral Home for more information and assistance.