3 Ways To Store Cremains Beyond Keeping Them On The Mantel

As the years go by, more and more people are opting for cremation over a traditional burial. In fact, about 40 percent of Americans choose cremation now, but in 1958, only about 20 percent chose to be cremated. While cremation does have its obvious advantages, from saving money to being more environmentally friendly, this choice does leave you to decide what to do with your cremains once the memorial service is over. Read More 

5 Meaningful Options To Consider For A Loved One’s Ashes

Cremation is becoming an increasingly popular way to deal with a loved one's remains. However, once your loved one has been cremated, you have to decide what to do with the ashes. There are a number of meaningful options. 1. Permanent Internment If you like the idea of burial but you want to opt for cremation because it's more affordable than traditional burial, you may still want to explore permanent internment. Read More 

Location-Based Factors To Evaluate When Buying A Burial Plot

Preplanning your funeral and burial means that after your passing, your family can grieve for you instead of scrambling to make arrangements. One important part of the preplanning process is to select and buy your burial plot in a local cemetery if you wish to be buried. It's worthwhile to visit the cemetery, perhaps with a few loved ones, to look at the available choices. In many cases, you'll have the option to select a plot where your headstone will be placed in several different areas, and you should evaluate a number of factors before you make your final decision. Read More 

The Upsides And Downsides Of Cremation

As much as you may hate to think about it, there will come a day when you pass on from this world. This won't be easy for the family members you leave behind, but you can somewhat reduce the burden on them by making some important decisions about your funeral plans while you're still around. The most important of these decisions is, in many cases, what happens to your body. While burials have long been traditional in the U. Read More 

Your Funeral Should Be Planned By You: Here’s Why

Like many, conceding that death is inevitable doesn't mean you ever want to plan or think about any funeral services, especially not yours. However, for reasons described below, it could be indeed time to consider starting the hard work of planning your own program and taking over preparation for this final event: Your Relatives Will Spend Too Much You already know how dearly you're valued by loved ones. Your death is likely to grieve them for some time, and if they need to choose a cremains urn or full body casket, they will seriously consider the costliest models because of their affection and love for you. Read More