3 Benefits Of Choosing A Scattering Garden After Cremation

Cremation has been on the rise for some time now, and projections indicate that it will continue to become a more popular choice as time goes on. In fact, a report from the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) suggests that the national cremation rate will climb to nearly 80% by 2035. One reason why more people choose cremation may be the flexibility that it provides for family members and loved ones. Read More 

Don’t Put The Burden Of Planning Your Funeral On Your Family

If you are getting up there in age, it's not uncommon to start thinking about death. While morbid, death is a part of life and it's something everyone has to face eventually. One way you could feel at least a little bit better about your own death is if you take ownership of it now by planning your funeral services while you are still alive. Here are three reasons why you should reach out to your local funeral home today instead of placing that burden on your family after you're gone. Read More 

How Laser-Etched Headstones Help You Through The Grieving Process Of A Caregiver

The old saying goes that "it takes a village to raise a child." Any parent will tell you that it is definitely a case of multiple people influencing a child and helping them develop. As a result, they may look to multiple people as a caregiver and, if one of them dies, they can become very upset. Therefore, it is smart to get a laser-etched headstone to memorialize this loved one. Read More 

How To Create A Funeral That Celebrates Life

Rather than mourning the passing of their loved ones, many people are taking a different approach, choosing instead to celebrate the lives that they lived. Doing this has completely changed the kind of send-off people are getting and many people are deciding that this is a more fitting way to go. There are many options that you can choose from when you wish to have a funeral that celebrates life. Liaising with the right funeral planning team can help you to have a funeral that is in keeping with the kind of send-off you or your loved one may have wanted. Read More 

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Music For A Funeral

A memorial service celebrates the deceased, but it really exists for the benefit of that person's family and friends, to help them accept the loss and begin the grieving process. Many factors set the tone—the arrangement of seating in the room, for example, as well as the lighting and decorations such as flowers and photos. Music also plays a significant role. Although many families choose one particular song, services typically allow for many songs to be placed, especially while guests gather informally before the service begins and after it ends. Read More