Include This Information In You Funeral Plan If You Want To Be Cremated

As funeral costs rise, end-of-life planning is becoming almost as essential as retirement planning. Creating clear instructions for your family members to follow after your death and locking in current funeral prices can bring peace to your family as they mourn your loss. Many funeral plans contain detailed instructions about burial services, plots, and caskets. But if you want to be cremated, leaving detailed instructions for your family members is still important. Here are the most important aspects of a funeral plan that includes a cremation.

Cremation Container

Just because you won't be buried in a casket or coffin doesn't mean that you can't have a casket or coffin. Crematories require everyone to be transported into the cremation system in a container of some kind. Some people choose expensive and beautiful coffins, while others choose simple caskets. If a tight budget is one of your primary concerns, you could choose to be cremated in an inexpensive cardboard container. Since the container will be reduced to ashes by the end of the cremation process and likely won't be seen by your family members, the container you choose won't affect your family's mourning process. Choose a container that suits you without worrying about what anyone might think about your choice.

Funeral Or Memorial Service

Anyone can have a funeral or a memorial service after their death. Although a funeral is traditionally followed by a procession to a cemetery for burial and memorial services are often held after cremations, you can choose whichever service you like. Even if you want to have an inexpensive cremation in a cardboard container, you can rent a casket for use during a funeral service or viewing. Although funerals and memorials are almost synonymous with burials and cremations, funerals and memorials are all about creating a gathering family and friends to honor the deceased. You can be cremated after an extensive funeral or before a simple memorial service; just make sure you state your wishes clearly in your funeral plan.

Plans For Your Remains

If you choose to be buried, the final location of your remains is clear. If you choose to be cremated, though, you still have to choose where you want your remains to end up. Do you want your children or friends to scatter your ashes in a specific location? Perhaps you want your remains to stay in an urn in a special place. Some people chose to split their remains between several relatives or to have some ashes scattered and some stored. Being cremated allows you complete freedom of choice when it comes to your final resting place. So long as you detail your wishes clearly in your funeral plan, almost anything is possible.

To learn more about cremation, contact a funeral home, or crematorium in your area.