What If A Loved One Is Struggling To Overcome Grief?

After a friend or relative suffers the loss of a loved one, it is natural for you to want help him or her deal with the grief. Some people have more difficulties with managing their grief. When this happens, their ability to function daily can be impacted. If you have a loved one who is struggling to handle his or her grief, here are some tips for helping him or her.

Be Honest

Generalized platitudes, such as that the lost one is in a "better place," might seem like comforting words to share with those in grief. However, the reality is that for many, there is very little comfort found in those words. Although it might be difficult, try to avoid making generalized statements to your friend or family member.

In comforting your friend, strive for honesty. For instance, you can state that you are there for him or her and that you love him or her. Do not try to diminish the loss. Be upfront in stating that you know that it hurts.

Focus on Your Friend or Relative

While your friend or relative is learning to deal with the grief he or she is experiencing, you must remember that it is about him or her and not you and your relationship with him or her. Your friend or family member might lash out or not be as present in your relationship as he or she normally is. Unfortunately, this can lead to hurt feelings on both sides.

However, you must remember that your friend or family member needs support now. Try to avoid taking his or her actions or words personally. Offer him or her support and focus on helping him or her through this difficult time. If you find yourself needing support, do not hesitate to reach out to other friends and family.

Recommend Grief Counseling

At some point, it might become apparent that your friend or family member is not getting better. Although you want to be there for him or her, sometimes professional help is necessary. If your loved one is not improving, recommend grief counseling.

In grief counseling, a mental health professional can help your loved one examine his or her grief and provide tips for dealing with his or her emotions. Depending on the impact the loss has had on your friend or relative, counseling could potentially have a lifesaving impact on him or her. To learn more about grief counseling, contact locations like Brown Funeral Home.